The Griffin Grip Self-Defense Tool

Griffin Grip self-defense toolThe “Griffin Grip” is a non-lethal pressure point self-defense tool that literally fits in the palm of your hand. In a nutshell, you could say it is a hard plastic ring you wear upside down on your finger, so the plastic part is under your finger inside your hand, rather than on top of the finger as rings are worn. But it is a bit more than just that.

It is made of a high impact plastic (polymer) with an adjustable leather strap that you need to measure and tie off to fit your hand. The plastic comes to a round point, so it won't penetrate, but rather is used for pressure or impact. The “Grip” is available in different colors including black, sand, OD green, navy blue and pink.

The use of the tool is fairly easy, especially for those that have had any martial art or self-defense training. The “Grip” adds to any slap blocks or parries. It's a form of strike enhancer that allows a slap to the head, or a slap block to a leg or arm pack a bit more into it. Striking the back of the hand sharply and hard with the “Grip” if someone grabs a hold of you will almost surely get him to release. (Unless for some reason he has an extremely high pain threshold.) Alternatively, you can also grab a hold of a person, with the “Grip” against the back of the hand or bone (such as the wrist) and squeeze. The result is a good amount of pain. Slaps upside the head also produce more pain that an ordinary strike.

griffingrip2This is a simple, and unique, tool for multiplying the force of slapping strikes and grabs. It is a non-lethal device for less than lethal situations. You can take it anywhere, as most people wouldn't even know what it is if they saw it. It doesn't look like a weapon. Nothing precludes you from using it with other personal protection devices, so it is just another layer, another option, for situations that call for less than lethal force. There are several videos on Youtube that demonstrate how the “Griffin Grip” can be used for self-defense.

If you are looking for a strike and grip enhancer that literally fits in the palm of your hand for less than lethal defense situations, the “Griffin Grip” fits the bill. It can easily be worn covertly anywhere you go and immediately be used to multiply the force of any slaps or grabs to assist you in escaping to safety.




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