Review of the UZI Tactical Glass Breaker Pen #7

tactical pen uzi-tacpen7There are a number of “Tactical Pens” on the market, and for a simple writing tool that does more than just write, these can be handy to carry or have on hand. Uzi sells several well-made and sturdy pens in this category. This review is of the UZI Tactical Glass Breaker Pen #7.

The first thing I'll mention is that this pen comes in a nice cardboard “pen box.” Pens have been given as gifts for years, so why not give a gift that does more than just write? Sure, it has nothing to do with the actual pen, but the presentation is nice and it does make it something that can be given as a nice gift.

The pen itself is well-made and sturdy. Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, it's tough but not too heavy. The pocket clip is also metal and sturdy. The cap pulls off, but fits snugly enough that it won't just fall off. With the cap off, you have an end that has a fairly sharp point and the end with the ink pen. The sharp end has a small hole that you could put a lanyard through if you desired. The pen body unscrews in the middle to allow for Standard and Fisher Space Pen refills.

The tip of the cap features a carbide tip glass breaker. This could be used alone or while on the pen to break glass. To use defensively with a thumb cap hammer grip striking position, you would want to put your thumb a little off center on the pocket clip rather than right on the end where the glass breaking tip would press into your thumb. I have found that there are two categories of pens when it comes to how you would hold them to defend yourself with them. Those that have a flat or rounded end that you can cap with your thumb and those that have some kind of end such as this glass breaker, or those with DNA catchers, that make it so you must use a sort of gorilla hammer fist grip with them. I think all of them have their place, and you must decide what you are using them for, how you will carry them, and how you will use them to defend yourself if needed.

Here is something I really like this pen for. How many times have you needed a pen while in your vehicle? Why not keep one of these UZI TACPEN 7s in your vehicle where it is handy to get to. You'll have a pen when you need it, and you'll also have a glass breaker in the case of an emergency and you need to break your window or that on another vehicle (Such as coming upon an accident).

Bottom line: The Uzi Tacpen7-GM Defender Aircraft Aluminum Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker is a sturdy well-made pen that not only writes but can be used in emergency situations where you might need to break glass or defend yourself. Recommended.

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