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Sabre Dorm and Apartment Alarm KitThe Dorm/Apartment Kit by Sabre consists of three alarms that can be purchased separately. These are: a door stop alarm, a door or window alarm, and a personal alarm. All are battery powered, and two of them come with batteries. The door and window alarm and personal alarm take LR44 batteries (4 and 3 respectfully) and these are included with the kit. The door stop alarm uses one 9V battery and this is not included. There is a set of instructions for each alarm. I will look at each item separately and then conclude at the end.

Door or Window Alarm

This alarm consists of two pieces. The larger is approximately two inches high, one inch wide and a half inch thick. This houses the 4 batteries, the alarm, the LED battery indicator and the selector switch. The other piece is the same height and thickness, but only a quarter inch wide. The kit includes two adhesive strips that fit the back of each piece. You attach the pieces to a door or window frame so that when closed the pieces line up next to each other (There are arrows on each piece to make this easy) and when opened the two pieces are pulled apart.

Inside the battery compartment is a button to check the battery, and a selector switch. You can select chime, off, or alarm. With the chime setting, when the door or window opens, you get one loud chime. Closing the door or window resets the unit. This would be handy for a door that you cannot see and want to know when people enter or leave. When set to the alarm setting, when the door or window opens, the alarms sounds until the door or window is closed. The package states that it is a 120dB alarm or chime, which is quite loud. In a small store or normal home, and especially in a small apartment or dorm, you would know the door or window had been opened. It is not loud enough that neighbors or those too far away would hear. (In an apartment or dorm setting, those very close might hear.)

One downside is that to change locations, you would need to peel off the adhesive and purchase new adhesive tape. But the unit is meant to be placed and left alone, not as a travel alarm. There are other products for that.

Personal Alarm

The personal alarm is a small oval of about two inches long that fits in the palm of your hand. There is a short one and a half chain with a key loop on one end. There is a small LED light on the other end. A small button on the egg activates the light so you can use it as a very small flashlight. Not much light here, but enough to help you find a key hole if needed in the dark. To replace batteries you need a small Phillips screwdriver to remove two screws.

To activate the personal alarm, you pull the chain out of the egg. It takes a little tug, but comes out fairly easy. Put the peg back into the hole and the alarm stops. The alarm is listed as 110dB. It is loud, but not that loud. And if you close your hand around it, the sound is muffled quite a bit.

While the alarm alone wouldn't necessarily stop an attacker, the alarm has a place in an individual's personal security as an extra layer. Say it was hanging on a backpack strap as one of the promotional pictures shows and the young lady pulled the egg off to start the alarm as she also had pepper spray, or another weapon, available quickly, the sound could attract attention, but the individual would also be doing something else to increase their safety. Arming and fighting, or escaping to safety.

Door Stop Alarm

This alarm does not come with batteries, and you must use a screwdriver to open the bottom and insert a 9V battery. The device is a plastic wedge shaped door stop. There is a metal plate on the end with a spring. When a door opens and presses this plate down, the 120 db alarm goes off.

Obviously, doors should be locked for security, but this alarm ads an extra layer by sounding an alarm when a door is opened. The wedge itself does have some rubber on the bottom, and may prevent some doors from opening, or at least slow the opening down as the alarm goes off. The alarm continues until you turn it off with the switch on the back of the wedge. It is quite loud and would definitely wake me up in the house, hotel, or wherever. For an apartment or dorm, it should be plenty load to wake you and notify you that the door has been opened.

A tip when using this kind of alarm is to ensure that someone can't slide something under the door and slide it back or sideways so that opening the door won't activate it. This can be done by placing the wedge properly and then bracing it with something so that it can't easily be moved. Obviously this will depend on the door and floor surface where you are using it.


I think this Dorm/Apartment Kit has a place in a person's personal security plan and measures. Security can be looked at like an onion, with many layers. The items in this kit provide an additional layer. They are not the only security measures one should rely on, but do perform a function that along with other layers can increase a person's safety.

The door stop alarm and door and window alarm provide early detection to help a person not be surprised. That is one extra layer, and a good thing, even if they don't scare an intruder off. Not being surprised is important.

The personal alarm, I hope, will also make a person be more aware of their surroundings and therefor if having the item reminds people to keep their head out of their apps and be alert to their surroundings, it is also a very good thing. I would just hope that a person also has additional layers such as a less than lethal weapon as in pepper spray, or even a lethal weapon for their personal security.

I'm giving this set 5 stars because I think it has a place and can assist a person increase their safety, and I am all for everything that helps people be more safe. Especially at such a low price. I just don't want people to think this is ALL they need. It is just a small piece of the onion.

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