LYNEC Camping Lantern

LYNEC Camping Lantern 2This is an awesome little LED Camping Lantern. I was sent one from LYNEC to review, and I am very impressed with this little collapsible light. It is small, lightweight, and a unique little multi-function lantern/light.

It is powered by three AAA batteries which are not included with the purchase. I will also point out that you must hold the power button in until the light comes on. When I first tried it, I just clicked quickly and nothing happened. So hold it in and don't think you got a bad product as I did for a minute. Then, once the light it on, you can change the brightness setting by clicking this button. (There is also an SOS setting too.)

The first way you can use this light is as a flashlight. You can keep in in the closed configuration and it will shoot out light from the lens on the end like a flashlight. This beam can be focused with the dial around the lens. It's not as comfortable to walk around and point with as a traditional flashlight, but it does work. But what is real nice about this light is you can attach it to something metal with the magnet on the end. Stick it on and the light shoots out. I stuck it to my refrigerator and it held just fine.

Next, you can open it up with a simple twist and it turns into a small lantern. For its size, it puts out a good amount of light. Again, you have two brightness levels, and there is a hook as well as the magnet to hang it.

This is a great little light for camping, to have in your bug out bag, an auto emergency kit, or similar bag. You can use it camping, or just have it handy for power outages or emergencies.

You can check out this little camping lantern at Amazon:


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