RFID Blocking Sleeves by Protectif

Credit card RFID blocking sleevesSadly, RFID blocking sleeves are needed. There are people out there who will use technology to rip you off, and with the new RFID (Radio-frequency identification) readers, they can steal your credit card number, information on your passport, etc. without you even knowing it.

While you may have never heard of RFID before, chances are you are using them right now. RFID chips are found in passports, credit cards, pet finders, transportation payments or easy-passes, hospitals, retail stores and a number of other areas where information is needed to be scanned quickly easily for identification.

This information on these cards can be easily read via a $50 credit card reader picked up on eBay by just about anyone. The readers store your credit card number, expiration date and CCV number with a quick pass of your pocket or wallet. Criminals are now using technology to up the strength to increase the distance in which they can scan your card to ensure they have good standoff from the scene of the crime. Some reports are showing your cards can be scanned from 20-30' away.

The good news is that you can protect your information and credit card numbers by using something to block the radio-frequency. While there are different wallets and cases available, RFID blocking sleeves are often the easiest, and allow you to continue to use your favorite wallet or purse.

I was provided a set of these RFID Blocking Sleeves by Protectif and find them to be an excellent safeguard for your credit cards and passports. The set comes with 10 credit card sleeves and two passport sleeves. Using these will prevent your chip containing cards to be read without you knowing about it.

Passport RFID blocking sleevesI tried the sleeves with my credit cards and passports and all of them fit snugly, but well. I had no problems putting cards in at all. The sleeves are sturdy and not as flimsy as some I've seen. These should last quite a while with regular use.

Since I teach people to be safe for a living, I recommend these or some other form of RFID blocking protection. These sleeves are just one more layer towards keeping you and your belongings more safe. Recommended for anyone traveling with a passport and/or credit cards.

Protectif RFID Blocking Sleeves available on Amazon:


I have also used sleeves from LINKYO and find them to be the same as the ones from Protectif:


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