Phantom Aquatics Impulse 1500 Bright Diving Flashlight

Phantom Aquatics Impulse 1500 Super Bright Diving Flashlight caseI have a lot of flashlights from various price ranges, but admit that most are in the lower scale. This particular light, while expensive, is an outstanding light. While made for diving, it is an incredibly bright light that can serve many purposes. I received this Phantom Aquatics Impulse 1500 through the Vine Program to review, and it is quite impressive.

It is a solid, well built, albeit heavy, flashlight. It is very sturdy, and as a diving light, obviously also water tight. The flashlight comes with a carrying case that will allow you to take this flashlight anywhere with you, or store away without worry that it or the accessories will be damaged. (As if you could damage this light, it is tough.) Inside the case, besides the light you have two lithium ion batteries, that are much larger than those that come with many of the smaller aluminum type flashlights. Charger for the batteries and cord also included. There is also a wrist strap to attach to the flashlight, and a nylon/Velcro strap holder that you can attach the light to the back of your hand. (Think a kind of wrist strap that gives your wrist support, but with a Velcro strap on top to secure the light. With it attached to the back of your hand you can essentially use both hands for other things under water.) There are also a couple of extra rubber O rings included, which may be necessary as the one difficulty I had was ensuring this ring stayed in place when I put it back together after inserting batteries.

Phantom Aquatics Impulse 1500 Super Bright Diving Flashlight 2There is a magnetic push button switch on the side near the light lens that cycles through three different levels of light. The brightest is 1500 lumens and is bright. This is important for underwater, but also provides you an awesome bright light for other times when you need something bright.

As a home security light, turning this on and shining it into an intruder's eyes will definitely stop him for a moment, if not blind him for quite a bit longer. It also lights everything up very well if you need light in an emergency. What you do have to be careful of is pointing it into a family member's eyes.

I wanted this light for a super bright home emergency light rather than diving, but my daughter and I are also using it with our masks and snorkels, so it is cool for that too. It will also be with us on any trips.

Phantom Aquatics Impulse 1500 Super Bright Diving Flashlight chargerIf you are looking for a diving flashlight, a bright flashlight for home emergencies, or extreme outdoor conditions, this Impulse 1500 from Phantom Aquatics is an awesome choice if you don't mind the higher price tag.

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