Shacke RFID Pocket Vault

Shacke RFID Pocket VaultIt's important to keep your money, credit cards, and passport safe while traveling. Not only are there pickpockets that will physically steal these items, the new thief can steal the information electronically. The Shacke RFID Pocket Vault Hybrid – Hidden Safety Travel Belt Wallet and Neck Stash helps you protect your items from both kinds of crooks.

There are a number of these kinds of pouches available these days, but this one from Shacke is more thought out. I was provided one for free to provide and honest review, and I really like this design.

First of all, it is made with an RFID blocking material to protect your passport and credit cards from being stolen from electronically. So that is a plus. You can still use an RFID blocking sleeve on your passport and credit cards if you wish, it would be overkill, but that isn't bad either.

The wallet can be used with the neck strap hung under your shirt, or you can attack the belt loop on your belt and let it hang inside your pants. There are three compartments. This makes it easy to carry your most important items. Put your cash in the top font pocket, your credit cards in the bottom front pocket, and your passport and any larger item in the pocket that unzips down the side. (Note: The top front pocket goes all the way down the front of the wallet, so it is a deep pocket.) There are also two mesh pockets inside the larger compartment.

There is also a driver's license pocket on the front with a clear plastic window and a fold down flap that secures with Velcro. This makes it easy to flip the flap up and show your picture ID if needed. The wallet even comes with an instruction card to make sure you get the most of your wallet, and contact information with an invitation to assist with any concerns.

Bottom Line: The Shacke RFID Pocket Vault is a great traveling companion to store your money, credit cards, passport and other small valuables.

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