Numinous Pack 65 L Back Pack Review

Numinous Pack 65The anti-theft travel rucksacks and luggage from Numinous Packs are excellent for the security minded traveler. Designed with anti-theft technology, these packs help keep your belongings safe while traveling.

I was provided a 65L pack to review and find it to be an excellent pack back. It encompasses the Numinous layered security system that consists of the anti-slash material that has Kevlar in it, the TSA approved zipper locks on the main compartment and the laptop compartment, anti-puncture zippers, and a cable lock so you can secure your pack to a fixed object.

Before you read the written review, watch this video review.

Numinous Pack 65 video review:

Numinous Pack 65 written review:

The security features of this pack add a little weight, but not enough to matter a lot. The website lists it at 3.5 KG or about 7.7 pounds. I don't find it that heavy. Here are the main features of this pack:

Large main compartment with compression straps inside and that opens full length. This is very handy for this larger back pack in that you don't have to search way down inside the pack or dump everything out. The compression straps help keep things in place and also help protect the pack from over packing.

Padded laptop compartment. This compartment also has zippered mesh pockets inside to hold thin items.

Numinous Pack TSA LockAnti-puncture zippers and TSA approved zipper locks on both compartments. These zippers are harder puncture with pens, Numinous Pack zipperetc. Makes it harder to get into this bag when using the TSA approved locks, which you can change the combination, and TSA can open with their keys.

Covers for zippers to conceal and protect them.

Anti-slash material that has Kevlar in it which is much stronger than regular nylon material.

Carrying handles on top and side that are strong and make it easy to pick up the pack.

Padded back pack straps and belt that hide away under flap. These are adjustable to ensure a good fit regardless your size.

Mesh pockets inside and on side of pack. The outside pocket are great for water bottles or other items you need to access easily and quickly.

Numinous Pack cable lockCable lock to secure pack to a fixed object

This pack is extremely well made and durable with features specifically designed to help keep your belongings safe and secure. Highly recommended, especially for those who like to back pack around in different countries. I would have really liked this pack when I was back packing around Thailand and other Asian countries. Excellent pack for the security minded.

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