SOG Cash Card Knife Review

SOG Cash Card Knife 5This small SOG Cash Card knife surprised me. It is small and light, but has a decent little blade that is quite functional. This isn't made to be a tactical folder, or a heavy duty work knife. It's a money clip knife, and for that, it does just what it should and is handy and easy to carry.

The knife itself is only 4.5 mm thick. The money clip on the side makes it about 1 cm thick at the widest point. It has a 2.75 inch blade and is 6.2 inches long when open. Weight is only 2.0 OZ. The blade steel is 8Cr13MoV which is a general purpose Chinese steel. It is a good steel for the price and will perform fine for the kind of tasks you'll use this kind of knife for. It has a liner lock locking mechanism. Regardless if you use the money clip, it is a nice small Every Day Carry (EDC) knife or one that can be tucked into a purse or small bag.

It is very thin and light, so very easy to carry. You can't quickly open the knife one handed like a tactical folder, but once open the blade locks in place and the knife is very functional and performs small tasks very well. It is a little stiff when opening, but I expect it to loosen up some after some use. Once it loosens up a little, one handed quick opening will be easier. This isn't that important as I've already stated that this isn't a knife to carry for situations where you need a knife you can open quick with hand.

SOG Cash Card Knife is a Nice Little Knife!

The clip on the side is pretty tight and will hold money just fine. It's not a clip to clip on your pocket without bending it a bit to allow it to clip on something thicker such as a pocket. Bending it a little would also allow you to clip it onto something to hide it out of site it you choose. I also like that SOG offers a lifetime warranty on their knives and tools.

Over all, the SOG Cash Card knife is a nice little knife that also has a money clip on the side. I don't see myself really using the money clip, but I've been using the knife and like it as a small compact light blade.

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