LifeStraw Mission Water Purifier Review

LifeStraw Mission Water PurifierI was provided a 5 Liter high volume water purifier “LifeStraw Mission Water Purifier by Vestergaard” in exchange for an honest review and I'm very impressed by this lightweight no chemical water purifier.

LifeStraw has a number of water purifiers from backpack size to the larger 12 liter one, and others. As someone interested in safety and survival, this 5 liter capacity purifier is just right for me to have on hand for emergencies for the size of my family. It's also small enough that it is easy to take along when we go camping, or any other trips to the mountains.

Using this purifier is pretty simple. Fill the bag with the cleanest water available. For example, take running water from a creek over sitting water somewhere. (Read the instruction manual for water you should not use, such as chemically contaminated water.) It just makes sense to start with the cleanest you can. Then hang the bag (Strap comes with it to hang the bag with.) and attach the hose to it. The red valve on the bottom is for letting bad water out, and the blue valve on the side is for water you can drink. Instructions are printed on the bag for both use and cleaning, and a small user manual in multiple languages comes with it too. There is also a drawstring bag that the water bag, strap, and hose fits into that has instructions on a tag inside it as well. It also comes with three extra filter pads.

The packaging states that it removes 99.9999% of bacteria (E. coli, etc.); 99.999% of viruses (Rotavirus, Hepatitis A) and 99.99% of protozoa (Giardia, Cryptosporidium) and I have no reason to doubt those claims, but I don't have a way to test the water for those to verify it.

It also states that this will purify 18,000 liters or 4,755 gallons of water over its lifetime. I have no reason to doubt this either, and therefore I believe this water purifier will last us for what we need.

Drinkable water is critical to survival, and having a purifier such as this LifeStraw Mission by Vestergaard is an easy and convenient way to ensure you will have the water you need when camping, or in an emergency situation. I feel better knowing we have this handy if anything happens.

The 5 liter LifeStraw Mission Water Purifier is the right size for us, but I encourage everyone to check out the products by LifeStraw for the purifier that works best for your needs and situation.

LifeStraw Mission Water Purifier Video:

This is an official video for the LifeStraw Mission Water Purifier that shows the 5 liter purifier I received and the larger 12 liter purifier.


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