Alain Burrese Interviewed on Run Lock Fight

Alain Burrese Interviewed on Run Lock Fight classAlain Burrese Interviewed on Run Lock Fight during a forum at the University of Montana on November 19, 2015.

Montana Public Radio attended the forum at the University of Montana addressing the University's emergency response plan. Run Lock Fight, which is the basis of the 8 hour course being taught by a group of trainers in the Missoula community to local schools, businesses and the University of Montana was discussed, along with plans for continued offerings of this course to University employees. The forum discussed the University's plans for emergency responses and this included a brief overview of the Active Shooter Response course that has been well received by the Missoula, Montana community. Questions regarding the course, and comments from attendees who have taken the course, were addressed during the hour long information session.

Alain Burrese Interviewed on Run Lock Fight from the article/recording:

Alain Burrese attended the forum and was interviewed after the main session, which was run by Captain Ben Gladwin. The quote of Alain's that appears in the article and on the recording:

Alain Burrese helps lead local active shooter response training sessions.

"Sometimes what’s really surprising is seeing a smaller lady or maybe an elderly lady and you see how ferocious they can be. Almost unanimously when people get done with this training they say, ‘it isn’t what I expected and I feel a lot more empowered that I can do something if something like this were to happen.”

Read the entire article and listen to the recording here:

UM Police Preaching 'Run, Lock, Fight' In Case Of Active Shooter

By Edward O'Brian, Nov. 19, 2015

This was the first of three open forums being held at the University of Montana to address the University's emergency response plan and the Run Lock Fight course being offered. The University takes campus safety very seriously and continues to diligently work toward providing a safe environment for students to learn and excel.

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