Wolverine LED Headlamp Review

Wolverine LED Headlamp Review 2Wolverine LED Headlamp Review by Alain Burrese on a product provided for review:

I was provided this Wolverine LED Headlamp in exchange for an honest review and I find it to be a decent product. It does require three AAA batteries that do not come with the headlamp.

It is very easy to install the batteries. Press the two buttons on the side and the back comes off. Put the batteries in and snap it back together.

The is a button on the top to turn it on and switch between modes. You have bright, dim, flashing and off. You have to cycle through them so from bright to off you press the button three times to get past the other two modes to off.

It says it is 50 Lumens, and while I don't have a way to measure that myself, it is bright enough to do things with. You can pull the lens in and out to adjust the focus of the beam. Wearing it in my basement with complete darkness I was able to get around fine, find things, etc. Very good light on the high beam.

The package says IP43 Waterproof, but I have not gotten it wet to test it out. Being in the snow and rain at times, I'm glad it is waterproof though.

Wolverine LED Headlamp ReviewThe headset is very comfortable. The light itself it light, and the headband is comfortable and adjustable. There is also a hinge where you can adjust the light's direction. I found the clicking it one or two clicks down provided a good angle for working with something in front of me. Very easy to change if you change what you are doing and need it aimed at a different angle.

This is a very good LED headlamp if you are looking for hands-free light.


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