Wallet Survival Tool: A Review

Wallet Survival Tool: Should you carry one?

Personally, I'm of the mindset of "why not?" They can come in handy. I just posted a review of one that I received from the manufacturer for review purposes on amazon. This is what I posted on amazon:

Wallet Survival Tool Review

Wallet Survival Tool 2These little wallet survival tools have been around for a long time. I was provided this Atalanta 11-function Stainless Steel Survival Pocket Tool from the manufacturer in exchange for an honest review. I find it the same as the other brands of this make of tool, and for what it is, a good little tool.

How often are you going to use this? Some of the 11 tools, not much. However, having a bottle opener in your wallet can come in handy. The screwdriver corner is also handy. I always have a knife on me, so I don't often need to get into my wallet for a blade. The wrench openings and the saw blade are not items I see myself using much. (The saw blade is so short, you won't be sawing too much with it.) The can opener in a pinch is a good thing to have.

Even though I don't see myself using some of the features, I do like having one of these with me for the bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver corner and an extra blade just in case. The tool comes with a case to keep it in, and this can be tucked away in a wallet or stored elsewhere. The instruction sheet that comes with it is in Chinese, so it didn't help me much. But you can look at this page if you are unsure of what some of the features are. It's pretty simple really.

Again, having a bottle opener, can opener, and screwdriver in your wallet can be convenient.

Check out this wallet survival tool on amazon:

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