RAGU 100PCS Mini First Aid Kit with Durable Bag Review

RAGU 100PCS Mini First Aid Kit review because as someone who teaches safety, self-defense and related topics, first aid and trauma care are included in things I want people to be able to do. Being prepared is important. I was provided one of these 100 piece mini first aid kits by RAGU in exchange for an honest review. I find that it is a nice little simple starter kit, or extra kit to have on hand. However, some of the 100 pieces are not really that useful and I don't see people using them. It is also lacking things that are important to have on hand. So it is a starter, not a complete kit with everything you should have.

The important thing to consider when stocking your first aid and trauma kits is what kind of emergencies you are preparing for. Often, a kit such as this combined with some additional materials will suit many people. You must decide what you need, and then stock up accordingly.

RAGU 100PCS Mini First Aid Kit

This RAGU 100PCS Mini First Aid Kit comes with a lightweight nylon case that has a clam-shell style zippered closing. Unzip it and it opens up with both sides having a clear pocket with a flap that closes with Velcro. Inside these two pockets you find different items than were listed on the amazon page.

RAGU 100PCS Mini First Aid Kit 2These items were in the kit I received:
3 – 3 by 3-inch sterile gauze pads
1 – 6-inch light stick
1 - Emergency blanket
1 - Instant cold compress
1 - Triangular bandage 38 by 38 by 54 inches in size
1 – 2 by 1.5-inch gauze
1 – Pair vinyl powder/latex free gloves
1 - CPR mouth shield
1 – Plastic tweezers
1 – Small Scissors
1 – Plastic Poncho
10 - Alcohol prep pads
4 – Iodine Prep pads
6 – Antiseptic towels
1 – Roll of tape (small)
10 - Q-tips
1 - 5 by 9-inch Abdominal pad
1 – Set of blister pads
50 – Various size Band-Aids
1 – Plastic whistle
1 – Small plastic compass
1 – Razor blade
It has the bandages and alcohol pads which will be most used for simple cuts and scrapes. The emergency blanket and poncho can be handy if caught outside in rain and cold. Chem lights, or light sticks are always a good idea to have on hand. I don't like the small scissors and tweezers (I don't like these plastic ones but they are better than nothing I guess, well almost.) I would also want more gauze and tape. Very small amount included in this kit.

New CPR standards don't require the breaths, so you don't need the mouth shield.

So it is not a bad little kit, but some things like the little compass I don't see many people using. I'd exchange the plastic tweezers and scissors with a good set of metal ones. I wouldn't include the compass or the mouth shield, and I'd include more of some things. I also believe in having a tourniquet with first aid and trauma supplies. But again, you must make the kit that will be suitable for you. The case is a handy way to keep everything and is red with first aid on the outside. You can always restock this with the items you need most.

There are many first aid kits on the market. Small simple ones like this RAGU 100PCS Mini First Aid Kit , to larger kits for institutions that can be quite expensive. It is important to make a kit or kits for your locations and activities. I like little starter kits like this for some basics like bandages and wipes that will be most often used for small incidents that involve cuts and scrapes. For other emergencies, you will need more than this kit provides, and that is why you should design and stock supplies accordingly.

The RAGU 100PCS Mini First Aid Kit is available from Amazon:

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