Toolplicity 7” Multitool Review

I was provided a Toolplicity 7” Multitool in exchange for an honest review, and I am impressed with it. It is sturdier than I anticipated. While I have several other similar multitools, including a couple made by Leatherman, this is certainly a decent tool to have on hand. It is especially attractive at the price Toolplicity is currently selling it at. While mine was free, I think the deal on amazon is a good deal for people looking for an inexpensive multitool.

The tool feels sturdy, and when opened up, the pliers work very well. Often, the pliers are the tool I used most on these kinds of multitools as I often have one more handy than my tool box.

Probably the next useful thing are the screwdrivers (flat and phillips). They are small, but will work with a variety of screws or for small prying jobs. Again, sometimes tools like this are more handy than going to a tool box.

Toolplicity 7” Multitool Review 2I have never needed the saw or knife on one of these as I always have knives on me, and other larger more practical saws. However, in a pinch, it is nice to have these blades as they will work and could be useful if you have nothing else. The same goes for the bottle opener, can opener, file and bradawl. I don't see them being used much, but nice to have just in case when this is the only tool, or one of limited tools you have with you while on a trip in the vehicle, or someplace else.

All of these accessory tools fold into the skeleton type handle. They are a little stiff, but all can be pulled out and used. The tool then folds up and fits in a thin nylon case that closes with Velcro and has a belt loop on the back. It is a fairly cheap case, but it does the job.

Overall, if you are looking for one of these kinds of multitools, this is a pretty solid tool at an affordable price.

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