Lock Pick Set by Yoopik review

Lock pick set review? Of course! You never know when knowing how to pick a lock might come in handy or even save your life. Having a lock pick set and knowing how to use it can be a skill set you'll be glad to have. Here's a review I wrote of a set I received.

Lock Pick Set by Yoopik

Lock Pick Set 2I was provided this Yoopik lock pick set at a discount in return for a review. I find the set to be a nice basic starter set for learning and practicing picking basic tumbler style locks. I don't practice with locks like I used to when in the Army, so it was nice to get this set to freshen up some old skills.

The set come with 12 picks, 3 tension wrenches, a clear padlock and a clear double ended cylinder lock. Keys are also included for these locks. There is also a cheap black case that holds the picks and wrenches and snaps closed.

The lock pick set does NOT come with instructions. If you don't know how to pick a lock, you may wish to look for instruction. I have a number of books from the 80s when I used to practice a lot more while in the Army. I'm sure there are probably a lot of on-line sources of instruction these days.

The clear locks allow you to see how you are moving the tumblers up and down, but the pick is hidden, so you still can't see everything. But the clear locks do make it easier for the person learning to see what is going on inside the lock.

These are not professional grade tools, but they work fine. Heck, Tim Ferris had a video where he showed how to make cheap picks that work, and these work too. They are a little tight in the locks, and I recommend you get instruction and remember to use a light touch and don't force things. While I got them at a considerable discount for reviewing them, the price is fairly reasonable for a practice starter set, especially with three different locks to practice on. (One pad lock, and the two different ends on the cylinder lock.)

If you are looking for a beginner practice lock pick set, this isn't a bad little set to start with.

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