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Patch-Up First Aid KitI was provided this Patch-Up First Aid Kit from Patch-Up for review and find it to be a very nice compact first aid kit for general emergency care. It is small enough to have at home, in the car, on a boat, camping, etc. Like many first aid kits of this type, it has some very useful items, and some things you probably won't use. I also think a person should add to their first aid kits to be better prepared for the kinds of emergencies they might face such as a CAT tourniquet for when you have to stop bleeding fast.

This kit is a very good starting point, and as I said, has a lot of items you may need, and will want to have on hand. First, I want to mention the case. I really like it. It is a clam-shell type case that zips closed, but when open it has fold out compartments that makes it much easier to see and find what you are looking for. There are zippered see-through pockets inside, a mesh pocket for other things, and some extra pockets for other items. It really is a nice case.

Inside, you will find a lot of items. (Advertised as 39 unique medical items totaling 270 pieces.) These are some of the items I found most useful to have: There are a lot of band aids of various sizes and shapes, which is good as they seem to always be needed for various cuts and scrapes. There is an emergency blanket, which I already have a number of in various kits, but another one doesn't hurt. There's an instant ice pack. There are four disposable gloves and quite a few cleaning wipes. Masks to cover your mouth and nose, and a couple small rolls of tape. (very small, I'd have extra in your larger kit.) There are some larger bandages (gauze) and some gauze pads and wound pads of different sizes. There are some small packs of sting relief, alcohol pads, and antibiotic ointment. There are a couple of temperature strips and some safety pins. There are some Popsicle sticks and q-tips. There is a small pair of scissors that are better than some of the ones you find in small kits.

Items I was not impressed with: There is a small CPR resuscitation mask, but the new standards don't have you needing this. The tourniquet is just a very small strip of blue rubber. While it could work, I much prefer having a CAT or SOG tourniquet in my medical kits. Yes, these larger tourniquets won't fit in this case, so you have to have them separate. The tweezers are the cheap plastic ones you find in most of these kinds of kits, and I prefer to replace them with a pair of metal ones.

Patch-Up First Aid Kit - A Look Inside:

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Overall, this is a very nice off-the-shelf first aid kit. Yes, you can add to it to make it more complete and to be prepared for even bigger emergencies, but just this kit alone will get you a long ways for many things you might need to take care of yourself. Lots of items in a convenient waterproof case with two handles makes this a great first aid kit to have handy.

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