Escape & Evasion Gun Belt Review

I was provided an Escape & Evasion Gun Belt from Jason Hanson and Spy, Escape and Evasion free in exchange for an honest review. And the bottom line is that I really like this belt. It's an excellent American made gun belt that also has three hidden compartments that zip close on the inside.

When I compare this belt to the custom made gun belt that I normally wear, I find it to be just as good. It is well made with a durable buckle. (You can see Jason breaking glass with the buckle on his website.) It is a sturdy leather belt that is definitely tough. (You can also see videos of this belt being used to pull cars.) The website states that it is made from English harness leather and polyester thread. It's definitely a tough, well made gun belt.

Escape & Evasion Gun Belt 3It's comfortable to wear and I expect it to last a long, long time. (And if for any reason it didn't, there is a life time guarantee. This is what the website says, “Until the day you die, if you ever have any issue with the belt, I'll give you a brand new one for free.” Can't beat that, can you?

The reason to have a good gun belt if you carry a firearm is to keep the holster where you want it. This Escape & Evasion Gun Belt does that just fine. The quality leather won't stretch on you or give way to some rugged use.

Now for the extra benefit this Escape & Evasion Gun Belt has over most gun belts. It also contains hidden storage areas for survival gear. There are three small compartments that zip closed on the inside of the belt. These can be used to hide away money, spare keys, handcuff key, lock picks, small blade or razor blades, or other small items. They used quality zippers in this construction and this belt far surpasses some of the cheap belts with hidden compartments you can find. Yes, this belt costs more than those, but it really is worth it.

If you are looking for a quality gun belt, or are wanting a good belt with hidden compartments for traveling, the Escape & Evasion Gun Belt is one I can highly recommend.

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