Tactical Gloves – A Review of Tactical Gloves

Tactical Gloves 2Tactical Gloves? Yes, even gloves are tactical now. I was provided a pair of these tactical gloves for free in exchange for an honest review. After wearing them a bit, I like them. There are a number of “tactical” products on the market these days, and now there are quite a few “tactical gloves.” These are a Chinese made pair, and have some good benefits. However, if I were still in the Army, I'd want a tougher pair of gloves, especially if I had to rappel or do some other activity that needed extra hand protection. But for general wear, say riding motorcycles or mountain bikes, or doing yard work where you want to protect your hands, these are a good pair of gloves.

I selected size L and they fit snug. If you have big hands, you will want a larger size. For me, these fit just right. There is a strap around the wrist that you secure with Velcro that not only secures the gloves on, but ads a little bit of wrist support.

There is a hard knuckle protection on the back, and a softer rubber type protection on the upper fingers. These do a decent job of protecting knuckles. There is an extra soft leather pad on the palm that makes it easier to hold onto things. With that said, I wouldn't use these for hard core stick fighting with Escrima or similar sticks. They won't protect your hands from a good impact from your opponent's stick. These also won't protect your hands from needles, so if you are working in a job where you may encounter infected needles, these would not offer adequate protection from getting stabbed. So, as far as tactical gloves for police, I'm not certain they would protect hands from hazards police sometimes encounter.

Tactical Gloves 3Overall, I like these tactical gloves and think they are a good general purpose pair of gloves that provide some extra protection for the hands, especially the knuckles.

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