Fighting Is 90 Percent Mental and 10 Percent Technique

“Fighting is 90 percent mental and 10 percent technique.  It's all about having a complete, or holistic, fight mentality.  This is where a dissonance starts to emerge between martial arts and combatives.”

- Kelly McCann

Martial art training, reality based self-defense training, and any other program of physical personal protection won’t help you one bit if you don’t have the proper mindset. Without developing the fighter’s mindset, a person will fail to effectively use the training from such programs. And the person with the fighter’s mindset will often prevail even if the person has had no other training. Going berserk on an attacker with everything you have can be just as effective, sometimes even more effective, than so called fighting systems. But you will only do this when you have the proper mindset.

Important ingredients to developing your fighter's mindset include: Be Aware, Be Decisive, Be courageous, Be Willing, Be Vicious, Be Determined, Be Cool, Believe in Yourself, and Be Nice.  These are all areas that are covered in How To Protect Yourself By Developing A Fighter's Mindset.  All of them are very important for you to be able to defend yourself.

Many times, when violence happens, it erupts explosively with no time to think about what you are going to do. Sure, there are often many cues leading up to an attack, and through being aware, you can circumvent or prevent the altercation altogether. But other times it all happens blindingly fast. In those instances, you must be able to go from a dead stop to full speed without thought, without hesitation, and with full commitment. Anything less might not get the job done, and in these situations you cannot afford to fail.

If you want to protect yourself, you must first develop your fighter’s mindset.

Awareness, or situational awareness, is the single best self-defense principle there is. Awareness enables you to avoid many violent encounters people face, and is the best way to ensure your safety. No matter what you know, how you train, or what weapons you carry, avoidance is the best way to prevent harm to yourself and loved ones.  Download the Free Guide to Situational Awareness, which is one of the chapters in How To Protect Yourself By Developing A Fighter's Mindset and get started on developing the proper mindset and staying safe right now.

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