Life Gear Light-WRX MR Knife

Life Gear Light-WRX MR knife 2The Life Gear Light-WRX MR knife is a handy tool to keep in your kit, backpack, or vehicle. This not one of the “Tactical Folders” sold with a pocket clip for quickly deploying a blade for self-defense purposes. It is rather an emergency or survival tool to have on hand. (However, I wouldn't want it as my only survival tool on hand.)

This is also not a heavy duty knife. It will be fine for small tasks, and the light works and the glass breaker will work. However, if you need a heavy duty blade that's a workhorse, this is not it. I don't think it will stand up to a lot of tough work, prying, etc. Light tasks, yes. My only knife if I were out in the woods, no.

The knife does not have a pocket clip, but rather a carabiner type clip on one end so you could attach or hang it on a pack, in a vehicle, etc. It has a 3.25 inch stainless steel blade with a black oxide coating. The blade has a thumb peg on both sides for easy one hand opening.

The knife has a glass breaker attached to one end. This can be unscrewed to take off. This is a sharp point that can be used to break windows and glass. One of the most unique things about this knife is the LED light in the handle. This can be recharged with the Micro USB cable that comes with the knife. The cable is short, but can be used with portable power packs or anything else you can plug a USB connector in to charge.

Life Gear Light-WRX MR knife 3The knife feels comfortable in the hand, especially if holding it closed and using to strike with the glass breaker. Because your hand is so close to the glass breaker when using like this, I would strongly recommend wearing gloves if you use the Life Gear Light-WRX MR knife to break out a window. I don't know if the handle that the glass breaking tip is screwed into would withstand repeated striking with this, and the tip can screw out and possibly be lost. But in a pinch, you could break out a window with this. Remember to strike in the corner.

I do think it is pretty handy to have the light built in. The lock on the blade feels sturdy enough for light and basic tasks, and the entire knife feels good in the hand for simple tasks. For an extra knife with a couple of extra functions to keep in your kit or pack, the Life Gear Light-WRX MR knife is not a bad choice. While my wife thinks I have way too many knives, I'm glad to add this one to those I own. It's the only one I have that has a light built in like this one, and the carabiner type clip makes it easy to hang up where it might be needed.

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