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This iMounTop tactical pen has a couple of different features from some of the others I have. I was sent one in exchange for an honest review, and I like the pen.

It is your standard aluminum frame pen that takes standard replacements. One nice thing is that it comes with two extra ink refills in the box. The name iMounTop is on the side. Here is one unique thing about this pen, there is a stylus rubber end to allow for writing on a tablet. I do fear that this rubber end could rip or become damaged and then I don't know how you would replace it. But if you are not rough with your pen, it should last a long time.

If you unscrew the rubber tip for writing on tablets, you find a hard glass breaker tip. This tip will be good for breaking out a window in an emergency. I'd advise wearing gloves and remember to strike the corner of the window you are breaking.

Unscrew the glass breaker tip and you find the writing pen. The glass breaker tip and tablet writing tip can then be screwed onto the other end of the pen to keep while writing.

If you unscrew the top end that has the clip, you find a very small hidden blade. This could be used for small cutting tasks. However, this could also place this pen into a category that you can't take everywhere, such as airports, and in some locations may not be legal. (I'm thinking of some countries that have very strict laws regarding “weapons” and blades.

I think this is a very unique pen for this category. While the aluminum body of the pen is pretty standard, the tip to write on tablets is unique, and the hidden blade is unique. It also has the glass breaking point.

I haven't done an awful lot with this iMounTop tactical pen yet, but on initial use, I like it and recommend it to someone looking for a pen with these features. Just remember the cautions noted above. The video I made to accompany this review shows everything discussed here.

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