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IFlying Tactical Pen 2IFlying Tactical Pen from IFlying:

I was provided this tactical pen from IFLYING in exchange for an honest review, and I like the pen. I especially like the flashlight feature as this in the only tactical pen I have that also can serve as a small flashlight. And yes, I'm calling it a tactical pen because that is how they sell them. However, I prefer to call these my durable and tough aluminum pens.

It is an aircraft grade aluminum pen that has a glass breaking cap, pocket clip, and flashlight on the other end. You unscrew the glass breaking tip to write, and the glass breaking tip cap will screw on the over the flashlight while you are using the pen.

One thing that I also like is that there is no name on the pen. It's just plain black with no logos or writing at all.

The only thing I don't like is that you have to be careful that you don't accidentally turn on the flashlight. The clip does spin around, and the light sometimes comes on when screwing the cap on or off of the other end. But overall, I like this pen. Please view the video to see the features.

When it comes to a sturdy pen with glass breaking tip and a flashlight, this is a nice unit. I'm glad to have it in my group of pens.

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