Ringside 70 Pound Heavy Bag Kit Review

Ringside 70 Pound Heavy Bag Kit 1This Ringside 70 pound heavy bag kit is a great starter kit for young or smaller hitters. If you are larger, or hit hard, I prefer at least a 100 pound bag. Your level of training, size, strength and place to hang the bag will all influence your decision. For a starter kit, at the 70 pound size, this set by Ringside is a decent choice for a heavy bag.

I wanted an extra bag for my garage so I can workout some with my daughter. This 70 pound bag is just right for what I needed. I can hit the 100 pound bag and she can hit the 70 pound one. I'll let her try the gloves that came with this bag, but I have other pairs that I like better for myself, and I'll let her decide what she likes as well. Many things I'll be teaching her are with an open hand where she won't need the gloves.

Inside the box you get:

70 pound vinyl heavy bag stuffed with a custom filling of natural and synthetic fibers. (This is what the paper that comes with it says, and I'm not sure just what those natural and synthetic fibers are.)

Swivel and mounting clip.

One pair of beginner's boxing gloves.

One pair of hand wraps.

As I stated above, I don't really care for the gloves that much, but to start out they are okay, and then you can find a pair you will like better. If you are new to heavy bag training and are going to punch, the wrist wraps are recommended so you don't hurt your wrists.

Over all, I think this Ringside 70 pound heavy bag kit is a good starter heavy bag to get people into punching and working out on a bag.

Ringside 70 Pound Heavy Bag Kit Review Video

Please watch the video to see the other features of this Ringside 70 pound heavy bag.

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