Terrorism: We Must Fight Back

Terrorism is a fact of life. I sincerely wish that terrorism wasn't something that we, or anyone else, had to deal with. It saddens me that people will spend time and energy hurting others rather than being productive and improving the world we live in. Before I get too idealistic with my thinking, let's get back to the fact that terrorism exists in this world, and I hate to admit it, but I think the above quote by G. Gordon Liddy is accurate. Our country and economy will be attacked and the ripple effect will be felt by each and every one of us.

We must be prepared for, and we must fight back against terrorism. And we must not let terrorists succeed. This does not mean live in paranoia, or arming ourselves to the teeth each and every moment of the day. The amount of preparation will be determined by different factors such as occupation, location of living and work, and individual's abilities and comfort with tackling terrorism and fighting back.

At the very least, we should acknowledge that terrorism exists and it can happen anywhere at any time. After this acknowledgment, we can prepare by being more alert and aware, learning trauma aid and having first aid and medical supplies available, and preparing to fight back through training. The amount of each of these will differ depending on each individual. But I really believe we should all practice situational awareness, learn to use a tourniquet and stop bleeding, and be prepared to attack back to save our lives and survive.

We must fight back against terrorism!

To fight terrorism, we must be prepared. We must be alert and pay attention to what is going on around us. We must deny terrorists the ability to control us through fear. We do this by refusing to be victims and attacking back whenever and wherever terrorist are. We hope that those who serve in the military and have been tasked to stop terrorists succeed with their missions. But we must also be prepared and understand that on any given day at any given time it might be us that must step up to the task.

I will continue to post things on the Survive and Defend Blog and Facebook Page that will help you be more prepared. The Survive and Defend membership area will have even more to help you. Look into becoming a member as it's a small price to pay for information that can save your life or the life of someone you love.

Take care, stay safe, and don't let terrorists succeed. Fight back against terrorism!

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