Gonex Tactical Backpack Review

I was sent this Gonex tactical backpack for free in exchange for a review and find it to be a durable and rugged backpack that should stand up to tough conditions. As you can see from the video, I was sent a black one, and I like the pack.

One of my friends always says, “You can never have too many bags and backpacks.” While my wife and his may disagree, having an assortment for different things and purposes is nice. Packs that are called “tactical” often have a couple of features other day type packs don't have. The colors are usually black or “military” type colors. (I don't really like everything called “Tactical” these days, but I own a number of “tactical” products because I like the functions. I do like the function of this tactical backpack.)

One of the first things you notice about tactical type packs is the MOLLE system. MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment. These are the little loops on the back and sides of the pack. You can attach other bags, water bottles, first aid kits, and other items with hooks or other attachment measures. (In a pinch you can strap things on with some parachute or 550 cord.) This pack has what is called a ladder system that allows you to attach gear on the rows and columns of the loops.

The pack is designed to be carried comfortably with a heavy load. There is padding for the lower back and lat areas, as well as a waist strap to disperse the weight and not have it all riding on your shoulders. Most good packs for camping, hiking, etc. have waist straps as well as padded shoulder straps and padding for the back. This pack has all of those which is a good thing.

The zippers and construction of this tactical backpack all seem tough and durable, and the pack itself is made of a tough water resistant and tear resistant 900D oxford.

Watch the video to see more about this pack. If you are looking for a tactical backpack, this is a good option. Recommended.

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