OrcaTorch T11 EDC Flashlight Review

OrcaTorch T11 EDC Flashlight

I was provided this OrcaTorch T11 EDC Flashlight free in exchange for an honest review, and I like it quite a bit. While it is not the brightest light I have, for the size and convenience this light provides, the output is plenty.

The thing I like the most is the size. Next would be that it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and it feels solid and not cheap in the hand. It runs on one AA battery which is also convenient. A battery is included with the light, and since it is AA, I always have replacements handy.

I think in the video I say waterproof, but that I haven't submerged it (which I haven't). However, reading from the manufacturer, they state water resistant, which is more accurate. I know the company sells diving lights that are waterproof, and this is not one of those. With all that said, I'm confident that this could be used out in the rain without problems. And like I show in the video, it comes with a couple extra rubber seals.

The max output of this light is listed at 190 lumens. I don't have a way to measure that, but for a small light, it is pretty bright. You can see in the video how well it lights up my office and bookshelves on the different settings. (There are four different levels, and then a strobe and SOS on the brightest level.)

Bottom Line: I've been very impressed with the lights from OrcaTorch. This OrcaTorch T11 EDC Flashlight is a solid little light that delivers good light for its size, and has the convenience of being very easy to carry. Using a AA battery makes it easy to find affordable replacements. I recommend it to anyone looking for a small EDC (Every Day Carry) light, or an extra to throw in your pack, vehicle, etc.

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