Coin Purse Sap by L.P. Saddlery

Coin purse sap? Yes, and a nice one at that.

This product will take many back to yesteryear. For those of you that are younger, it might be something new. Two items that seem to not be around as much any more are the coin purse and the sap. The first was common years ago for people to keep their spare change. You know, back when we needed change for pay phones, Coke machines, and the like. The other, the sap, is a flat, beavertail-shaped leather impact weapon that was usually weighted with lead on at least one end.

You just don't see either as much anymore. But now, with this leather coin purse made by L.P. Streifel Saddlery out of Vancouver, WA, you can have the best of both worlds. A coin purse sap. Those that like the more rustic look and feel of leather will like this as something to carry their coins, and as an extra benefit, it can easily be used as a sap to defend yourself if you needed to.

The leather wrist strap it tough and fits around the wrist comfortably and allows the smaller end of the coin purse to be held in the hand. You can strike with the other end, weighted with coins, to deliver quite a blow. Check out this video to see more.

Coin Purse Sap Video:

This coin purse sap is hand made by L.P Saddlery, so they know leather. It is stitched well and the zipper works fine. I have not filled it with coins and hit things hard to test it out yet, but I have no doubt that if you hit an attacker in the head with it, you would gain a moment to escape to safety.

If you are interested in a leather coin purse sap, this one made by L.P. Saddlery is a nice accessory that can also be used to defend oneself.

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