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My Defense Tool is a simple product to be used for justifiable self-defense without lethal force. There are many small less-than-lethal tools designed to be used for defending oneself, and this one has a number of advantages over some of the others available.

It is very light weight and fits comfortably in your right hand. (You can carry it in your left with a little twist of the strap when holding it. But it is designed for the right hand.) It doesn't look like much and I doubt it would draw much attention. There is an adjustable elastic strap to keep it in place.

My Defense Tool is designed for women to wear while out walking, running, or even out and about doing other activities. I really think it is useful for those out exercising because it will be in your hand when you don't have a place to carry any other self protection tool. I also like that it is in the person's hand, rather than hid away where the person can't deploy it when needed. And because of the strap, you can actually use your hand for certain things without dropping the My Defense Tool. I also like that right on the cover of the box it says, “Helping Women Make Their Greatest Escape.” A woman carrying this doesn't have to beat a mugger up, or submit a bad guy. Those are not realistic expectations for most people who are attacked. The goal should always be to escape to safety. A strike or two with this tool can provide the opportunity to escape, and that is what self-defense is all about. Getting yourself home safe.

The hammer fist is a very simple strike to learn. It is one of the basics taught in many self-defense programs. I teach it in many of my classes, both self-defense classes and Active Shooter Response courses. I usually show how the strike can be intensified if you hold a pen, a key, or something else sticking out the bottom of your hand. This tool is specifically designed to stick out the bottom of your hammer fist to make your hammer fist strikes more powerful. There are a couple of notches in the striking surface (point, but not a sharp point) that would capture DNA from the attacker you strike to provide to law enforcement later.

No weapon or tool is the be-all-and-end-all of self-defense. There are layers to our self-defense and personal protection plan. These layers include awareness and avoidance, defensive tactics both unarmed and armed, less-than-lethal weapons as well as lethal weapons among others. The My Defense Tool is a very good option for a less-than-lethal tool to be easily carried, especially when out running, hiking or walking.

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