Practice Safe Habits Today

Practice safe habits today, it may be too late tomorrow.

Too many times we know something is a good idea, and that we should do it, but we put it off until it is too late. This is often true when it comes to my advice to practice safe habits. We know we should. After all, it's just common sense. Sadly, common sense is not commonly practiced.

I say this because so many times we hear from victims, “I knew I should have...” We must practice safe habits today, not some time in the future. Today is the only day we have. Now is the only time we can do something. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is in the future. We must make the practice of safe habits a habit. Starting right now and then practice them each and every day.

This is what will help us stay safe. We lock our doors and windows. Make it a habit to do every time. But I'll just be gone a second. That's all it takes. I often tell the story of a friend of mine who had her purse, with her Glock handgun inside, stolen from her vehicle. She put the purse and her groceries into the car, and returned the cart to the place you return carts in the parking lot. When she got back to the car after that short period, her purse was gone. It happened just that fast. She knew better, but it was only going to take a second to put the cart back. These things happen.

I share hundreds of short video tips on my YouTube channel, and I have even more on my membership site. Many of these little safety tips are very easy and common sense. But I'll say it again, common sense is not commonly practiced. We need to stay safe today, right now. Putting off being safe until the tomorrow is a recipe for something bad to happen today.

Bottom line: Practice safe habits today, it may be too late tomorrow.

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