Watching The Eclipse Safely

Watching the eclipse safely is important for the health of your eyes. The Solar Eclipse will occur next Monday, August 21, and I'm looking forward to watching it with my family. If you are going to watch it too, be sure that you have the proper protection for your eyes. Remember, You should never look directly at the sun, but there are ways to safely observe an eclipse.

Here is a clip from the Today Show on NBC with Jeff Rossen discussing watching the eclipse safely (aired on 8/14/17). Rossen visited ICS Laboratories in Brunswick, Ohio, one of the only labs in America accredited to test eclipse glasses for safety, to test different pairs of glasses and see how much sunlight they allow in.

Rossen Report: Watching The Eclipse Safely


Here is another clip from the Today Show on the eclipse (8/16/17)


This clip from ABC's Good Morning America (8/16/17) shows some of the emergency preparation going on for the eclipse.


Jeff Rossen looks at the price spiking going on for the eclipse on the Today Show (8/17/17). I saw this personally when I was looking for places to stay in Idaho.


This segment from Good Morning America (8/17/17) shows how places on the Eclipse Path are turning into hot tourist spots.


Today Show (8/18/17) discussing the Eclipse Glass Shortage and what you can still do. Be sure you watch the eclipse safely.


Here is a list provided by the American Astronomical Society of telescope and solar-filter companies that sell eclipse glasses that have been verified by an accredited testing laboratory to meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard.

Note: Baader Planetarium's AstroSolar Safety Film and AstroSolar Photo Film, sold in the U.S. by Alpine Astronomical and Astro-Physics, are not certified to meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard and are not designed to work as eclipse shades or handheld solar filters. Baader's AstroSolar Silver/Gold Film, on the other hand, does meet the ISO 12312-2 safety standard for filters for eyes-only direct viewing of the Sun.

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