Chokes and Sleeper Holds DVD with Alain Burrese

Chokes and Sleeper Holds DVDChokes and Sleeper Holds DVD: Proven Techniques for Both Competition and the Street with Alain Burrese

This dynamic Chokes and Sleeper Holds DVD with Alain Burrese contains proven techniques for both competition and the street. That means you will find different chokes and sleeper holds that will be useful in different situations. Some are great for self-defense situations and have been used by Burrese for just that. Other techniques are better suited for the mat. With the instruction in this DVD, you will master techniques suited for either arena and be a better martial artist and better prepared to defend yourself wherever you are.

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Chokes and Sleeper Holds DVD Description:

Chokes and sleeper holds are some of the most powerful and effective ways of stopping a fully resisting attacker. Take away a person’s consciousness and you take away the ability to fight. This information packed DVD will provide you with the tools to apply chokeholds and sleeper holds quickly and correctly - making you a formidable person to be reckoned with.

Self-defense instructor Alain Burrese provides detailed instruction that allows you to easily learn these chokes and sleeper hold techniques. Techniques that are very effective at stopping fully resisting attackers - both in competition, such as MMA events, and in real self-defense situations on the street. Learn how to properly apply these chokes and sleeper holds and you’ll have powerful tools added to your arsenal. Learn how to end a fight in seconds with techniques like these: rear naked choke, side shoulder sleeper, guillotine choke, front collar choke, one hand chokes, uniform or jacket techniques, and much more.

Easy access menus.  Running length approx. 79 minutes

This Chokes and sleeper holds DVD will help you take these essential techniques to the next level. Check out the preview and order your copy today!

Chokes and Sleeper Holds DVD Preview:

Learn the most effective Chokes and Sleeper Holds from Alain Burrese, who has been called on amazon:  "One of the best video teachers out there!"

Why should you add chokes and sleeper holds into your arsenal of techniques?

♦ Chokes and Sleeper Holds rely on proper technique and positioning - Not Size and Strength - to be effective!

♦ Chokes and Sleeper Holds do not rely on pain compliance! Chokes and Sleepers work regardless of an opponent's ability to feel, or threshold to endure, pain.

♦ Not only are they effective, but with this DVD, chokes and sleeper holds are easy to learn!

♦ Chokes and Sleepers work against larger and stronger opponents!

♦ Chokes and Sleeper Holds instantly stop fights and altercations!

Only $34.95 - Click to Order and Learn these Chokes and Sleeper Holds now!

Chokes and Sleeper Holds DVD - Behind the Scenes when Filming:

Only $34.95 - Click to Order and Learn these Chokes and Sleeper Holds now!

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