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Jim-Grovers-Combatives-Series-Jim-GroverJim Grover's Combatives Series $99.95

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Jim Grover, aka Kelly McCann, is a real-world operator who knows what works and what doesn't from violent personal experience. In this explosive three-part series available exclusively from Paladin Press, Grover presents step-by-step instruction in his unique method of hand-to-hand combat. This vicious system combines the best elements of combat-proven military combatives, hard-core street fighting and Grover's distinctive in-your-face attitude. The result is an easily learned, exceptionally brutal fighting system that really works. Grover covers every aspect of unarmed fighting, including basic strikes and kicks, combination sequences, realistic combat ground fighting and defenses against a variety of stand-up attacks. He also teaches you how to survive the scary world of close-range weapons, providing detailed instruction in unarmed defenses against knives and handguns and his combat-proven stick fighting system. As Jim Grover says, "The only dirty fight is the one you lose." Click here for preview

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Situational Self OffenseJim Grover's Situational Self-Offense $49.95 

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You are reading this because you want "the real stuff," and the best teacher of real-world, no-holds-barred, in-your-face defensive tactics is Kelly McCann, aka Jim Grover.Jim Grover's Situational "Self-Offense" is a hard-hitting Paladin video production that picks up where Grover's best-selling Combatives series leaves off. In this video, Grover teaches you how to apply his hard-core streetfight-proven methods to react quickly and decisively to a variety of common attacks. He teaches you how to immediately take offensive charge of a situation to effectively escape headlocks and chokes, foil a weapon draw, stop the streetfighter's "jackknife" technique, counter knife and box-cutter attacks, fight multiple attackers and regain the advantage when you've been sucker punched. Best of all, Grover's techniques do not require you to learn a complicated, counterintuitive set of specialized skills; they're simple, logical, direct, extremely aggressive and brutally effective. This isn't martial arts, which you do with somebody. It's combatives, which you do to somebody. Click here for preview

Car-Kem-ba-tivz-Kelly-McCannKem-'ba-tivz Sudden Violence: Car kem-'ba-tivz $69.95 

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Fighting is difficult enough when you've got space and unrestricted movement–it's much more dangerous when you don't. In his latest video release, Car Kem-'ba-tivz: Fighting in Confined Spaces, well-known Paladin author and combatives expert Kelly McCann provides you with wickedly effective techniques for use in and around vehicles. With this release, the first product in the Kem- 'ba-tivz—Sudden Violence Series, Paladin is proud to offer the first video filmed on location at McCann's new Kem-'ba-tivz Civilian Training Center in Fredericksburg, Virginia, which is finally making his hard-hitting brand of combatives accessible to civilians.

Violent crime is on the rise in the United States, and more and more assaults are taking place in and around vehicles. Carjackings, strong-arm robberies, rapes, and assaults are difficult to defend against when you're trapped, with little or no room to maneuver, generate power or even escape. In this exciting new video McCann walks you through several realistic scenarios, including what you should do if a vehicle blocks your path and a gunman approaches, you are forcibly bent over a vehicle hood and being choked or threatened with a weapon, you're shoved into a vehicle and attacked, or you're forced to fight off an attacker who climbs into the passenger seat and attacks you. Brutally efficient, these techniques teach you how to make the best out of a bad situation.

Car Kem-'ba-tivz presents a fast-paced, tight treatment of a real-world problem facing everyone these days. If you know anything about Kelly McCann's instructional products, you know your time and money won't be wasted with this video. For information purposes only. Click here for preview

Crucible Brass Tacks KembativzCrucible All-Access Training: Brass Tacks Kem-'ba-Tivz  $59.95

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Street-proven combatives training doesn't get any more serious than at the Crucible, and it starts with combatives expert and special operations veteran Kelly McCann. You know the name. You know the reputation. In this exclusive video from Paladin Press, McCann combines the hard-hitting unarmed tactics of his combatives system with simple, nasty, go-to techniques for the street. In Volume 1: Brass Tacks Kem-'ba-tivz, McCann shows you how simple, everyday movements can be adapted for combative self-defense. He begins with detailed instruction in how to move your head and body, find the angle, and cut your hips. He then covers what you'll need to establish a bombproof defense based on avoidance, evasion, blocking, and disruption. But just learning these techniques isn't enough, so McCann demonstrates how to apply them to disrupt your opponent's breathing, vision, consciousness, and mobility. This video is designed to minimize the attacker's ability to inflict damage and afford you more lethal striking opportunities. Designed to seamlessly fit an existing training regimen, Brass Tacks Kem-'ba-tivz trims the fat and offers uncomplicated, straightforward tactical solutions for a violent street encounter. Click here for preview

Closed Hand KembativzCrucible High-Risk Environment Training II Volume 1: Closed Hand Kem-'ba-tivz with Kelly McCann  $69.95
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One of the reasons why Kelly McCann's Combatives program is respected worldwide is its simplicity: gross motor movements that you can use to brutal efficiency during the chaos of a violent encounter. There are no secret moves, and there's no higher level…until now. In this video, McCann shows you a different strategy of fighting that includes closed hand striking, focusing on how to use your fists to knock out your attacker and win without breaking your hands. This is as close to "advanced" Combatives as it gets, and has previously only been taught to a very select few at the Crucible. Starting with how to train properly to build your strength and toughness, McCann then teaches the most effective strikes to use on the street, from the jab to the cross to the liver punch. From there, he takes you through a series of combinations that seamlessly integrate the Combatives strikes you already know with this new material into a vicious system of unarmed combat. This is not meant to replace Combatives, but to supplement it so that no matter where you find yourself in a fight, you'll be able to take out your opponent as quickly as possible. For information purposes only.

Kembativ KnifeKelly McCann's Crucible High-Risk Environment Training Volume One: Kem-'ba-Tiv Knife $49.95 

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For the first time captured on video, this is Kelly McCann's street-proven knife fighting curriculum in its entirety. Functional, simple and lethal, this system doesn't rely on complicated trapping and locking, robotic flow drills claiming to simulate real combat, or finesse-filled knife dancing. Easily recalled under the duress of actual danger, Kem-'ba-tiv Knife vastly increases your reaction speed through its direct movements and straightforward techniques. The goal of this curriculum is to stop the threat, either by inflicting enough pain so that your attacker is unwilling to continue, causing enough damage so that he is unable to continue, or, if necessary, resorting to lethal force. McCann would not teach this system if it hadn't proven itself time and again in the most dangerous environments imaginable. Can other knife fighting systems say the same? For information purposes only.


Ground kembativzKelly McCann's Crucible High-Risk Environment Training Volume Six: Ground Kem-'Ba-Tivz  $49.95  Add to Cart button

With the prevalence of mixed martial arts in today's media, the street thug now has a new weapon in his arsenal: grappling. You need to be prepared to deal with the MMA-enhanced street fighter, and this video with Kelly McCann will teach you how to take out any mixed martial artist, from the wannabe wrestler to the proficient brawler. Going far beyond the groundfighting material he taught in his best-selling Jim Grover's Combatives series, McCann shows you combatives-oriented defenses against common MMA set-ups such as the devastating triangle choke, the crippling Muay Thai leg kick, the tackle attempt, and much more. McCann's lesson is that you don't have to fear the groundfighter: defeat him with simple, brutal techniques proven through the experience of real-world violent encounters, not half-baked martial arts moves taught by Walter Mittys wearing black. The Crucible's motto is "Nothing we do is competition legal, because your life's no game." Take that to heart and beat the grappler whichever way he tries to attack you. For information purposes only. Click here for preview

Inside the Crucible 1Kelly McCann's Inside the Crucible Volume 1: Combat Shooting Essentials $49.95 

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Kelly McCann is the best known and most respected personal security expert in the United States today. This video series takes you inside his first major civilian training program — the Individual Protective Measures Course — and gives you the proven, no-nonsense information you need to stay safe. Based on the same skill set that McCann has used to train thousands of elite military, law enforcement and corporate security personnel all over the world, this five-day course presented complete instruction in all aspects of armed and unarmed personal combat.

In Volume 1, McCann provides step-by-step instruction in the fundamental skills of his streamlined combat shooting system, including basic gunhandling, proper grip, the close-quarters "Guard Draw," the combat drawstroke, flinch shooting, point shooting, sighted fire, combat reloading, malfunction clearances, integration of empty-hand striking with the draw and a variety of dry-fire training drills. He then leads the students through his standard "Index Shoot" – a series of drills that are intended to measure a student's true level of shooting skill and serve as a combat reality check before engaging in further training. For information purposes only. Click here for preview

Inside the Crucible 2Kelly McCann's Inside the Crucible Volume 2: Combat Shooting Realities $49.95 

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Get an exclusive look at Kelly McCann's first major civilian training program — the Individual Protective Measures Course — and continue your education in his dynamic combat shooting system. In Volume 2 of this series, McCann takes a hard look at how actual gunfights occur and identifies the skills and attitude that have enabled real-world gunfighters to survive and win. He then takes you out to the range and presents step-by-step instruction in these skills and runs his students through the progressive series of live-fire drills necessary to perfect them.

McCann's thorough, hard-hitting instruction covers all the critical elements of gunfighting, including the best method of achieving quick and accurate sight alignment, moving and shooting, combat reloading, malfunction clearance procedures and the secrets of overcoming the effects of stress on visual acuity and motor coordination. This tape also includes McCann's unique "surprise break" drill - a simple but extremely effective trigger-control drill that will dramatically increase your shooting accuracy. For information purposes only. Click here for preview

Inside the Crucible 3Kelly McCann's Inside the Crucible Volume 3: Situational Combatives and Knife Fighting $49.95 

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Paladin's documentation of personal security and counterterrorism expert Kelly McCann's in-your-face, combat-proven Individual Protective Measures Course continues in this third volume of the series. Drawing upon principles taught in his best-selling Combatives video series, McCann first teaches wall techniques: unarmed combative techniques designed to turn the tables on your attacker when he has you pinned against the wall with one or both hands. Next, he shows you how to deal effectively with a straight punch, perhaps the most difficult punch to defend against. From there, he goes into realistic unarmed defenses against shoulder weapons, such as rifles and shotguns.

Then, for the first time captured on video, McCann teaches his no-nonsense knife fighting program, focusing on carry methods of the tactical folding knife, rapid opening and deployment when under attack, snap-cutting to keep your opponent at bay, use of the knife when closed and unarmed defense against knife attacks. For information purposes only. Click here for preview

Inside the Crucible 4Kelly McCann's Inside the Crucible Volume 4: Close-Quarters Shooting and Combative Pistol Skills $49.95 

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Continue your education in real-world personal security skills with Volume 4 of Kelly McCann's best-selling Inside the Crucible series. In this volume, McCann shows you the secrets of his proven close-range handgun tactics and how to properly integrate combative striking with the use of the firearm.

Through graphic demonstrations using Safe-Shot pistols, McCann first demonstrates the realities of distance and reaction time as they apply to sudden, close-quarters attacks. He then takes you out to the range and leads you and his IPMC students through a progressive series of drills to develop practical, tactically sound close-quarters shooting skills, including the real combat speed rock, shooting from the weapons retention position, flinch shooting and the secrets of close-range shot placement and stopping power. Finally, McCann takes the hard-core techniques of his best-selling Combatives series and combines them with his shooting curriculum and a strong dose of street smarts to create a state-of-the-art, integrated close-combat system that includes methods of fouling an attacker's draw, striking and shooting, and the use of the pistol as an impact weapon. For information purposes only. Click here for preview

Inside the Crucible 5Kelly McCann's Inside the Crucible Volume 5: Situational Combat Shooting Skills and Handgun Tactics $49.95 

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Complete your close-combat education with this final volume of Kelly McCann's extraordinary Inside the Crucible series.

In this video, McCann rounds out your combat shooting skills with a double dose of reality. First, he teaches you the methods actual gunfight survivors have used to draw, shoot, reload and clear malfunctions while operating a pistol with their weak hand. He then shows you how to turn technique into tactics by explaining and demonstrating the proper use of cover, including the difference between cover and concealment, the proper offensive and defensive use of both, and the proper way to use cover while drawing and shooting from the standing, kneeling and prone positions. McCann also shows you how to use man-on-man drills to increase your reflexes and shooting speed and concludes the series with vehicle exfiltration tactics - how to properly exit a vehicle in an emergency, the best way to draw your pistol while doing so and the realities of using vehicles as cover when you have no choice but to shoot. For information purposes only. Click here for preview

Inside the Crucible SetKelly McCann's Inside the Crucible Set $189.95 

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Inside The Crucible: An Exclusive Look at Kelly McCann's Individual Protective Measures Course for one low price.

See the descriptions of the individual volumes for more details.
Volume One: Combat Shooting Essentials
Volume Two: Combat Shooting Realities
Volume Three: Situational Combatives and Knife Fighting
Volume Four: Close-Quarters Shooting and Combative Pistol Skills
Volume Five: Situational Combat Shooting Skills and Handgun Tactics

Collapsible-Baton-Tactics-Kelly-McCann-Jim-GroverCollapsible Baton Tactics $79.95 

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The collapsible baton is one of the most effective yet least understood personal defense weapons ever developed. Although it is carried by security professionals and law enforcement personnel worldwide, few training programs take full advantage of its awesome close-combat potential. Personal protection expert Kelly McCann has been carrying and using tactical batons for years while working in some of the world's scariest places. In this explosive Paladin video production, he shares his hard-won personal experience and teaches you how to make the most of this dynamic weapon. McCann first gives you a no-holds-barred look at the various types of batons and teaches you how to select one you can bet your life on. He then reveals the finer points of carrying, drawing and deploying your baton so you can get it into action when you need it. Finally, he shows you how to put it into action with a complete course in the blocks, strikes, levers, takedowns and even baton groundfighting tactics that have been proven to work in countless real-world situations. Whether you are a security professional or armed citizen, this DVD is sure to revolutionize your tactical baton tactics and will give you an even greater appreciation for this amazing weapon. For information purposes only. Click here for preview

Defensive ShootingJim Grover Defensive Shooting Series $89.95 

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Jim Grover, aka Kelly McCann, Personal Security columnist for Guns and Ammo magazine, is a world-renowned expert on close combat, counterterrorism, executive protection and firearms tactics. In this explosive four-volume video series, Grover teaches you the secrets of his firefight-proven methods of defensive handgun shooting. This series covers every aspect of employing the handgun as a fight-stopping defensive weapon, including grip, stance, trigger control, reloading, use of cover, position shooting, weak-hand shooting, malfunction clearances, shooting on the move, low-light shooting, defenses from a vehicle and many more. Grover not only teaches you how to perform these actions in a tactically sound, real-world manner, he shows you how to hone your skills and challenge your abilities with realistic combat range drills. These videos contain the same information that Grover has taught to elite special operations and counterterrorist units all over the world. Now it can be yours. This is the most comprehensive defensive shooting program ever captured on video and must viewing for all serious students of firearms tactics. For information purposes only.

Combative PistolCombative Pistol $59.95 

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What's the difference between a fistfight and a gunfight? In many cases, none. In the real world a fight is a fight, and the ability to effectively integrate empty-hand skills and shooting skills means the difference between winning and dying. Combatives expert and special operations veteran Jim Grover is one of the pioneers of this deadly form of combat and knows from hardcore personal experience what works and what doesn't. Combining the hard-hitting unarmed tactics of his combatives system with his state-of-the-art shooting methods, Grover has created a frighteningly effective program that will enable you to strike, draw, shoot and win at arm's length and closer. In this one-of-a-kind video, Grover teaches you exactly how these techniques work on live attackers through dramatic demonstrations with a blank-firing pistol. He then shows you how to practice these same tactics on a range with high-speed, live-fire demonstrations on three-dimensional targets. This video is a shocking look at the reality of close-quarters gunfighting and may be the most important training video you ever watch. For information purposes only.

Tactical CarbineKelly McCann's Tactical Carbine $69.95 

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Employed properly, the tactical carbine is one of the most versatile and powerful weapons available to any citizen, law enforcement officer or military operator. Unfortunately, most carbine courses fail to take advantage of this weapon's full potential. This explosive video course changes all that. In his often irreverent, in-your-face style, Kelly McCann, aka Jim Grover, explodes the myths and teaches you everything you really need to know about the combat use of the tactical carbine.

Drawing from years of real-world experience, McCann first teaches you how to configure your rifle for maximum performance. He then puts it to work, guiding you through the fundamental skills of combat marksmanship, reloading, immediate action drills, shooting on the move, weapon transitions and pivot shooting. Finally, he shows you how to really push the carbine's performance envelope by using state-of-the-art optical sights to dramatically increase your shooting speed, monitor and engage multiple threats, and even shoot around and over cover without exposing yourself. These videos are sure to revolutionize your use of this weapon and drastically increase your tactical skills. For information purposes only. Click here for preview

minimum damage maximum effectMinimum Damage, Maximum Effect $39.95 

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Realistic self-defense means being prepared for any situation, from a belligerent drunk to a ruthless serial killer. To do this, you need the right tools for the job and the knowledge to use them effectively. In this unique video, renowned personal security expert Kelly McCann, aka Jim Grover, presents a complete course in the use of less-lethal weapons, devices that can effectively incapacitate an attacker without having to resort to lethal force. McCann begins by discussing common hand-held self-defense devices and teaches you how to determine the difference between a useless gimmick and a true life-saving tool. He then reveals the secrets of improvised weaponry and shows you how to turn common items like credit cards and ballpoint pens into powerful defensive weapons. Finally, he gives you a no-nonsense course in the realistic defensive use of pepper spray, including proper selection, carry and deployment; street-proven tactical applications; and immediate backup plans for times when the spray alone isn't enough. This is one of the most eye-opening self-defense videos ever produced and a must for anyone concerned with practical self-defense. For information purposes only. Click here for preview

Living Safely In Dangerous TimesLiving Safely in Dangerous Times $39.95 

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On September 11, 2001, life in America changed forever. People who had never even considered being the target of a terrorist attack were suddenly confronted with a bewildering list of concerns, from how to open their mail safely to how to thwart an aircraft hijacking. Unfortunately, there were no ready answers to these questions – until now. Kelly McCann, aka Jim Grover, is one of the country's foremost experts on personal and corporate security, unarmed combat and antiterrorist tactics, and has provided security training for audiences ranging from elite U.S. counterterrorist units to Fortune 500 executives. In this one-of-a-kind video, McCann teaches you proven strategies to keep yourself safe from a terrorist threat. This DVD is the definitive answer to the questions everyone is asking. For information purposes onlyClick here for preview



















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