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Fighting FoldersFighting Folders The Definitive Guide to Personal Defense with Tactical Folding Knives $39.95 

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The tactical folding knife is one of today's most popular yet least understood defensive weapons. In this groundbreaking Paladin video production, veteran knife instructor Michael D. Janich guides you through the often misleading and myth-filled world of folding fighting knives and teaches you the skills you need to use them effectively on the street. Janich shatters the commonly held illusions regarding folders and their reliability and reveals little-known secrets of knife selection, carry methods, proper grip and split-second one-handed openings. He then presents a comprehensive hands-on course in folding knife tactics, including cutting and thrusting methods, defensive responses, reflex training drills, secrets of high-speed combination cutting and the realities of knife stopping power. Janich also shows you how to combine empty-hand skills, rapid deployment techniques and knife tactics to make the folder an invaluable ally in close-quarter combat. For academic study only. 

Mastering Fighting FoldersMastering Fighting Folders Secrets of Reverse-Grip Knife Fighting and Advanced Folding Knife Tactics $69.95 

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Drawing on the lessons of the first Fighting Folders volumes, Michael D. Janich integrates never-never-before-seen instruction in pentjak silat footwork and throwing technique with all the skills of the other Fighting Folders videos to create an unstoppable edged-weapon fighting system. In this video, Michael Janich shows you how to adapt standard-grip knife skills to the body dynamics of reverse grip, presents step-by-step instructions in his combat-oriented variations of the classic Filipino reverse-grip training drills and teaches you how to extract the appropriate skills from each of these drills so you can reflexively respond with the most effective technique in a defensive situation and more. For information purposes only.

Advanced Fighting FoldersAdvanced Fighting Folders State-of-the-Art Training and Tactics for the Defensive Use of Tactical Folding Knives $69.95

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World-renowned knife expert Michael D. Janich takes his no-nonsense, get-home-alive folding knife tactics to the next level in this explosive video production from Paladin Press. Building on the foundation of technique established with his best-selling Fighting Folders, Janich continues your education through step-by-step instruction in knife fighting footwork, live-hand tactics, high-speed disarms and advanced reflex training drills. He then shows you how to integrate these elements into a state-of-the-art training program that realistically simulates virtually every conceivable street attack. Finally, Janich teaches you how to turn theory into application, revealing the secrets of combat knife draws, tactical folder defenses from disadvantaged positions, and the tactics of "Speed Stops" – lightning-fast defenses that immediately disable an attacker upon contact. Hone your defensive skills as sharp as your blade with this ultimate guide to the tactical folding knife.

Fighting Folders The WorksFighting Folders: The Works $134.95 

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The complete set of three powerful DVDs from veteran knife instructor Michael D. Janich is now available for one low price.

See the descriptions of the individual volumes for more details.
Fighting Folders
Advanced Fighting Folders
Mastering Fighting Folders


Counter Blad ConceptsCounter-Blade Concepts: Realistic Empty-Hand Tactics Against Edged-Weapon Attacks with Michael D. Janich $59.95

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Counter-Blade Concepts (CBC) is a true system of defensive tactics designed to maximize your chances of survival against real edged-weapon attacks. It is based on more than 30 years of research and training in the world's best knife and counter-knife arts, as well as a critical analysis of actual edged-weapon attacks.

Renowned edged-weapon expert Michael D. Janich begins by teaching you how to minimize injury to yourself while quickly disabling your attacker to make your escape or draw your own weapon. If immediate escape isn't possible, Janich shows you how to control and destroy the attacking limb while you bring a swift and decisive end to the fight, including methods of turning the blade back against your attacker. Finally, he shows you how to integrate these tactics into a comprehensive system designed to defeat knives, screwdrivers, box cutters and other edged weapons and the thugs who wield them. For information purposes only.

Making It StickMaking It Stick How to Throw Edged and Improvised Weapons for Sport and Self-Defense with Michael D. Janich $19.95 

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If you've ever wanted to learn how to throw a knife, axe or tomahawk, here's your chance. With the help of ultra-slow-motion photography and computer animation, knife expert Michael D. Janich teaches you the secrets of weapon balance, spin and throwing distance and shows you how to apply them to accurately throw and consistently stick knives, tomahawks, axes and a variety of other purpose-designed throwing weapons. Janich demonstrates both blade and handle throwing methods and shows you the intricacies of half-spin, full-spin, one-and-a-half, and double-spin throws. He then teaches you how to apply these same principles to common, everyday objects to turn scissors, screwdrivers, chisels, tire irons and even ballpoint pens into potent improvised throwing weapons. This is the most complete instructional video on weapon throwing ever produced and the only video to realistically address the use of throwing weapons in self-defense situations. For academic study only. Click here for preview

Mastering the Balisong Knife Revised and Updated Michael D JanichMastering the Balisong Knife Revised and Updated with Michael D. Janich $39.95 

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Completely revised and updated using state-of-the-art digital equipment, multiple camera angles and crystal-clear slow-motion, this groundbreaking video production featuring balisong master Michael D. Janich will teach you an impressive array of balisong techniques, ranging from the simplest of openings to the actual deployment of the butterfly knife in combat. Whether you are a simple hobbyist or an experienced knife fighter, this video will open your eyes to what the balisong knife can do for you. Click here for preview

Martial Cane Concepts with Michael JanichMartial Cane Concepts: A Realistic System of Walking Stick Self-Defense with Michael D. Janich $39.95 

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Using a "keep it practical" approach, veteran instructor Michael Janich has developed Martial Cane Concepts, a self-defense system specifically geared toward people with physical limitations. In other words, Martial Cane Concepts, is not for the expert stick fighter or martial artist; it's for the 65-year-old man or woman who may actually need to fight for his or her life against a punk prowling for an easy target.

After observing that traditional stick-fighting methods require physical training and abilities beyond the grasp of most people who carry a cane out of need, Janich came up with two uncomplicated sequences of techniques that can be applied to many different situations. This approach also makes the system perfect for the non-martial artist who's interested in protecting him- or herself.

Martial Cane Concepts teaches a self-defense system that is simple, easily learned and easily applied by those with limited physical strength, reflexes and speed.

To round out this instruction, Janich also includes material for people with more physical attributes who choose to carry a cane as the ultimate PC weapon.

There is no fancy stuff in Martial Cane Concepts – no throws, flips or locks. Just solid information on choosing the best cane for your needs and then using it to strike, thrust and block to protect yourself from harm.

Martial-Marksmanship-A-Fighters-Guide-to-Close-Quarters-Handgunning-Andy-Stanford-Michael-D-JanichMartial Marksmanship: A Fighter's Guide to Close-Quarters Handgunning with Andy Stanford and Michael D. Janich $19.95 

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The controversy concerning point shooting versus sighted-fire is over, and the winner is you. After years of meticulous research, sighted-fire expert Andy Stanford and point shooting authority Michael D. Janich have combined their talents to show you not only how point shooting and sighted-fire can coexist, but how they can be synthesized to yield a superior, state-of-the-art shooting technique.

The authors first identify the basic skill set that enables shooters to get shots on target using skeletal and centerline alignment rather than muscular coordination. They then build upon this foundation, introducing the concepts of a coarse visual index and finally practical, combat-effective sighted fire. Throughout the process, they highlight the effects and dangers of the real-world threats you may face and teach you the difference between being a shooter, a gunfighter and a true fighter with a gun. This video includes rare archival footage and little-known insights into the history of modern combat shooting and is must viewing for all serious students of combative pistolcraft. For information purposes only.

Breath-of-Death-The-Blowgun-Video-with-Michael-D-JanichBreath of Death: The Blowgun Video with Michael D. Janich $19.95

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The blowgun is the ultimate weapon of stealth, delivering a wide variety of projectiles with deadly accuracy and in total silence. This video is a comprehensive guide to this amazing weapon and includes little-known information on buying, constructing, modifying and shooting blowguns.

1) Traditional Blowguns
2) Modern Commercial Blowguns
3) Making Your Own Blowgun
4) Making Blowgun Projectiles
5) Shooting a Blowgun
6) Targets
7) Blowgun Maintenance





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