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Self-Defense DVD Reviews

Ground Kembativz: Street Solutions to Common MMA Set-Ups with Kelly McCann

Closed Hand Kem-'Ba-Tivz with Kelly McCann

Facing Violence with Rory Miller

Scaling Force: dynamic decision-making under threat of violence with Rory Miller and Lawrence Kane

Close-Range Gunfighting: Reality-Based Firearms Training for Realistic Situations with Gabriel Suarez

Safety and Self-Defense Book Reviews

Defensive Tactics: Street-Proven Arrest and Control Techniques by Loren W. Christensen

Active Shooter: Events and Response by J. Pete Blair, Terry Nichols, David Burns, and John R. Curnutt

The Ultimate Guide to Unarmed Self-Defense by David Earth Jr.

Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life by Jason Hanson

The Dirty Dozen: 12 Nasty Fighting Techniques For Any Self-Defense Situation by Larry Jordan

Surviving Armed Assaults: A Martial Artists Guide to Weapons, Street Violence, and Countervailing Force by Lawrence A. Kane

Krav Maga: Real World Solutions To Real World Violence by Gershon Ben Keren

Swiped: How To Protect Yourself in a World of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves by Adam Levin

Combatives For Street Survival by Kelly McCann

Campfire Tales From Hell edited by Rory Miller

The Art of Fighting Without Fighting: Techniques In Personal Threat Evasion by Geoff Thompson

Individual’s Guide for Understanding and Surviving Terrorism - U.S. Marine Corps

Warnings Unheeded by Andy Brown

Survival Book Reviews

Realistic Bug Out Bag by Max Cooper

Extreme Weather Survival Guide: Understand, Prepare, Survive, Recover by Thomas M. Kostigen

Terrorism: A History by Randall D. Law

Self-Defense Weapons Reviews

UZI TACPEN6-BK Defender with Glass Breaker and Cuff Key

UZI Tactical Glass Breaker Pen #7

iMounTop Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker, Tablet Writing End, and Blade

IFlying Tactical Pen with Flashlight

The “Griffin Grip” Self-Defense Tool

SOG Cash Card Knife

Credit Card Knives

Coin Purse Sap by L.P. Saddlery

My Defense Tool

Disposable Pocket Bowie Knife

Survival Gear Reviews

SABRE Home and Personal Alarm Kit

Sabre Sport & Safety Horn

RFID Blocking Wallet Review to Protect Credit Cards

RFID Blocking Sleeves by Protectif

LYNEC Camping Lantern

Beneray Compact LED Camping Lantern

Phantom Aquatics Impulse 1500 Diving Flashlight

OrcaTorch T11 EDC Flashlight

Wolverine LED Headlamp

Shacke RFID Pocket Vault

Numinous Pack 65 L Back Pack Review

LifeStraw Mission Water Purifier

Wallet Survival Tool

RAGU 100PCS Mini First Aid Kit with Durable Bag

Patch-Up First Aid Kit

Toolplicity 7” Multitool

Book Safe

Lock Pick Set by Yoopik

Escape & Evasion Gun Belt

Tactical Gloves

Life Gear Light-WRX MR Knife

Emergency Car Hammer And Seat Belt Cutter

Survival Paracord Bracelet by OMGAI

Gonex Tactical Backpack

Training Gear Reviews

Ringside 70 Pound Heavy Bag Kit

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